Health in the Work Environment

Hey guys!  It’s your boy, Danny, coming at ya again!  In my previous post I talked about the things that a boss should do in the workplace!  I wanted to continue on with that topic of the work place, but come at you from a different angle.  I wanted to talk about health in the workplace!

Now, I know what y’all are thinking.  No, I’m not talking about dangerous chemicals.  No, I’m not talking about crazy poisonous gases.  No, I’m not talking about lethal, cancer-causing agents surrounding the walls.  I’m actually referring to one of the most dangerous health concerns that take place in the cleanest, safest white collar offices: sedentary lifestyle.

sedentary lifestyle

Yup, that’s right.  Sedentary lifestyle, particularly in the workplace, in my opinion, is causing a lot of health problems.  Think about it– so many people in the workforce, especially those that work an office job, are sitting down for 7, 8, 9, or even upwards of 12 hours per day!!  If you combine that with eating sugar and sodium-filled snacks, drinking soda, high-stressed demands, and limited time to exercise, you’ve got yourself a barrage of health issues just waiting to happen!

I truly believe that everyone is responsible for their own health, but modern-day work environments are making it difficult for employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  One thing that we all can do is strive to be a bit more self-aware.   We all have to understand that  “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”  We have to take responsibility for our own health and be mindful of things like overeating and not exercising enough.  I’d recommend anyone that works at a job where they sit for long periods to try standing periodically.  Instead of sitting down for hours upon hours, maybe try making calls or doing paperwork while standing.  Standing can certainly help burn calories and give your joints some exercise and get the blood flow going.

I also think a lot of companies should take the time to invest in resources that can help their employees with their health.  I’m starting to see this a bit more in offices, but it could certainly improve.  I’ve seen a lot of companies invest in fitness centers, shower rooms, and locker rooms which is definitely a great sign!  I think another way more companies could step their game up is to invest in joint partnerships with health stores.  They could offer office space to shops that sell smoothies, health gear, footwear, yoga classes, and even supplement shops that offer anything from protein powders to pre-workouts to BCCAs and even weight loss supplements.  Increasing awareness of health-related issues in the workplace is another big step that a lot of companies can take.  Maybe having a meeting once per month on educating staff about topics like heart disease and diabetes could be a good first step.  Or perhaps putting together socials that revolve around health-related activities like 5k’s or golf tournaments.

In any case, I truly believe that sedentary work environments are contributing to people becoming overweight and out of shape.  Both employers and employees should become aware of this fact and start thinking of creative ways to combat this problem!


When you have a sec, feel free to enjoy this video on sedentary lifestyle I found: