Complainers Never Win

Alright!  It’s your boy, Danny (or Daniel, whichever you prefer) once again with more of my stream of consciousness.  I talked last time about work environments and was pretty objective in my writing.  This time around I’m going to vent a little bit and get some steam out.

Complaining Pic

You see, there’s just something in my head that I’ve been DYING to vent about, scream about, yell about, and throw a tantrum about!  Here it is: I cannot stand complainers!  I’ll repeat that: I cannot stand complainers!  I’ve noticed over the years that if you really listen in on the conversations that people have around you, or even directly with you for that matter, there is so much complaining that goes on!  It’s literally insanity!

All you have to do is walk up to people at your place of employment or school, and ask how their day is going.  10% of the time they’ll respond positively.  The other 90% of the time they’ll respond with words like, “okay,” or “hanging in there,” or better yet, start complaining about things that are going on in their life!

I don’t know what it is, but people have a tendency to always focus on the negativity in their life and talk about every little horrible obstacle that gets tossed their way!  People love to talk about how their morning sucked.  People love to talk about their recent car accident.  People love to talk about how little money they make.  People love to talk about how other people pissed them off.  Quite frankly, I think, in general, people need to GET A GRIP!  People need to stop focusing on all the bad things that occur to them and start focusing in on the positive and all that life has to offer.

Complainers Don't Last

I’m not saying that we should hold in all our negative emotions and keep all of our problems to ourselves.  There are many times where talking about our issues and emotions to other trusted individuals can be very therapeutic and actually make us feel better (heck, I’m doing that right now, aren’t I?).   I’m referring to the epidemic of always mentally focusing in on the negativity that occurs in our lives and allowing that to dictate every sentence that we spew from our mouth.  My agitation is directed toward the people (and there’s a lot, believe me) who seldom have anything positive to say and are always negative.

We all have crap that’s thrown at us.  It’s a part of life.  Focusing on the crap of life and always talking about the crap of life, will not eliminate the crap of life.  Instead of focusing on the crap of life, especially on the crap that we cannot change, we should focus on the crap that we can change and the solutions that will allow us to eliminate that crap.  In addition to focusing on solutions that allow us to eliminate crap, we should all really be focusing in on all the blessings we have in our life.  Sure, there’s no such thing as a weight loss miracle tablet, or a get-rich quick machine, or a sex-on-demand remote control; however, we have a limitless amount of blessings around us.

There’s people in the world who cannot walk.  There’s people in the world who don’t have food.  There’s people in the world who struggle to get clean water.  If we have those three things I listed, shouldn’t we be eternally grateful?  If we have those luxuries and there are other people in the world who don’t, I truly believe we should be getting on our hands and knees every day and thanking God for blessing us and making giving us a luxury that other people would kill for.

Anyways, I hope this puts things into perspective for some of you.  If not, that’s okay.  It certainly helped me get my thoughts down on the computer.  Feel free to enjoy Rudy Francisco’s poem below.  I think it’s a great message that we all need to hear!  And with that…………rant over!